The number of listed com­pa­nies on the main market gra­dually dropped

Foreign Institutional Investors Already Own Half Of The Capital Of Spanish Listed Companies

Spanish Stock Market.
Spanish Stock Market.

Fernando Rodriguez | Foreign ins­ti­tu­tional in­ves­tors hold 50,2% of the total ca­pital of listed com­pa­nies on the Spanish Continuous Market, up 12 per­cen­tage points in the last 10 years ac­cor­ding to the con­clu­sion of the re­port: Preparing for the 2021 Shareholder Meeting Season, drawn by the law firm Cuatrecasas and the proxy so­li­citor Georgeson, an an­nual re­port now in its tenth year.

In a chapter dedicated to key milestones in the Spanish stock market in the last decade, the report points out that the increase in foreign institutional investment“has happened at the expense of that made by Spanish families, owners of 16.1% of the investment in the stock market last year.”

The number of listed companies on the main market gradually dropped form 164 to 141 in the period under review, although total capitalization – excluding Latibex, BME Growth and ETFs – increased from 470,998 million euros to 666,943 million euros according to the same source.

This means that the average market capitalization of listed companies in this period increased by 65%, from 2,871 millions to 4,730 million euros. The increase in market capitalization has been particularly relevant in the case of energy, textile and construction companies. Whereas the companies in the financial sector -banks, insurance companies and holding companies- accounted for 30% of market capitalization in 2010, and for 22% in 2019.

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